Friday, November 29, 2013


Lorita is the wife of Jeffrey Aiken and the mother of Xander and Elli. She graduated with honors from Randolph Macon Academy, a private military boarding school and earned an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Maryland.  She graduated from the University of Maryland with honors with a BS degree in Criminal Justice.  Until the night of the tragic event, she was a working mother of two, and was a full time graduate student at the University of Maryland University College working toward earning her Master's Degree in Public Health.

After Lorita had oral surgery as a result of complications from having four of her wisdom teeth extracted (at one sitting), the oral surgeon prescribed her pain medications during her recovery.  I later learned that one of the side effects of her pain medication is depression. Upon taking the prescribed pain medication, my wife sought help for feeling sad and depressed. As a result, Lorita was prescribed an antidepressant by her primary care physician to address the depression she was suffering caused by the pain medication.  Next, Lorita was referred to a pain management physician, who prescribed additional pain medication to address her pain that she was still suffering.  In addition, to the antidepressants prescribed by her primary care physician, he prescribed Ambien to help Lorita sleep at night. again as a result from the pain she was suffering from the teeth extraction.  

On November 22, 2013 my beautiful wife, who led a perfectly normal life, as a loving mother, employee, and grad student with no prior history of mental health concerns or criminal behavior---tried to commit suicide and poison our two children with prescription medication.  My wife and children were taken to the area hospitals in time and fortunately survived  her psychotic break.  However; I am saddened to report that my wife is currently in Virginia Beach City jail instead of in a hospital getting the necessary treatments to address her psychotic break.  As her husband, I have faith that she will regain and be restored to her health and be able to rebuild her life again with us again. I trust her 100% and I know that without a shadow of doubt, without the medication, my wife would never have committed this act that began our family tragedy.

As I research my wife's psychotic break I am learning that it is not unique because there are over 5,000 families throughout the United States who have suffered a similar psychotic event as a result of taking prescription antidepressants and other psychotropic medications prescribed by their physicians. 

Prior to Lorita's psychotic break our family had a happy life at home. This wasn't supposed to happen to us. We didn't know this could happen. But we know better now. This is more than just a few bad outcomes. Our family hopes to save other families from suffering the same tragic fate at the hands of their trusted medical doctors that they rely on prescribing dangerous medicine. 

wedding day

date night

we're expecting!

new mom :)

Lorita (and Jeff) at the beach with Xander (he is now 5 years old)

Elli - our little Princess

Lorita - valentine's day

Happy couple on Valentine's Day

baby shower 2008 - first time soon-to-be parents with proud grandmother

Lorita and JT 2006 - a fun day at the beach

Lorita 2006 - typical day at the beach

Lorita 2006 - having fun at the beach

Aiken Family Christmas 2012

Lorita (center) with student dance group at a show - University of Maryland  2006

Lorita and Mom at high school graduation - Randolph Macon Academy, June 2005

"This could be your daughter. As a mother, I ask for your prayers to restore my daughter to the time before this terrible event occurred. She is a beautiful person who is very loving and giving as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece and friend.  Please keep us in your prayers.- Mom of Lorita Aiken